CAE Support:
cost effective and pragmatic approach to using CAE to support design development and problem solving

CSA Group uses a combination of in-house capability and carefully selected outsource partners to provide a comprehensive package of CAE support.

Dynamic analysis (MBD): prediction of suspension kinemetics, mechanism kinematics, dynamic response to operational inputs, engine movement with different mount strategies, cab dynamics, vibration transfer into the chassis, etc.

Structural analysis (FE): prediction of stresses in components and systems, identification of stress "hot-spots", prediction of deformation under operating loads, prediction of natural frequencies and forced response characteristics of structures

Fatigue life prediction: prediction of the life of a structure when subjected to defined loads

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD): 3D prediction of flow characteristics, typically within the intake and exhaust of the engine, and within the interior and engine bay of the vehicle

Acoustic prediction: 1D simulation of engine intake and exhaust system acoustics

Flow prediction: 1D simulation of flow within engine intake and exhaust systems (inlet depression and exhaust back-pressure)

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