Assessment and Validation:
Respected, confidential and independent assessment and validation

CSA Group have unimpeachable credentials when it comes to assessing and validating new products and inventions. We carry all the Quality Approvals required and are trusted and respected by certification agencies, governemnt bodies and major OEMS alike. At the same time we are practical, easy to deal with and pasionate about helping get new technology to market.

We develop and deliver robust, cost effective validation plans that allow new technologies to move to the next stage - often working in concert with potential end-users to ensure ealry buy-in to the results.

Our extensive laboratory facilities and instrumentation means that we can very rapidly develop any new test rigs that are required. Our experience means that you can rely on us to deliver results that are incontestable.

Whatever technology you are developing, just contact us to find out how we can help you get to the next stage.

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